The Amazon Unbox… it’s alright.

About 2 days ago I took advantage of the Amazon’s, $1.99 credit (to download a free tv episode).  I don’t consider myself to be “tech stupid,” but I ended up downloaded the ENTIRE second season of Laguna Beach! I tried to look for the refund button, but I guess it was too late, the movies started downloading.  Secondly, I am missing the third episode.  Where did it go? I don’t know.  Thirdly, about 4 episodes stop half way through and I replay the episode and it stops in the same place.

The Amazon Unbox makes it nice because you don’t have to put the DVD in each time or have to carry the DVDs around.  However, Laguna Beach second season took 7 GB and about 24 hours download all the episodes.  The Unbox, would be more attractive if the price of the shows were cheaper than buying the DVDs at the store.  Since you can only play Unbox on 2 computers, it makes no sense to pay the same price as the store DVDs.

For now I am going to wait for Amazon Unbox, to drop its prices and work all its kinks out (make sure I am able to download the entire show!)


3 Responses to “The Amazon Unbox… it’s alright.”

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    Web na prvnu00ed pohled pu011bknu00fd. Zdu00e1 se mi vu0161ak, u017ee je na nau0161em internetu ponu011bkud pu0159eSEOvu00e1no:-) Click

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