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How smart are we?

September 7, 2006

As I sit here and figure out what the hell happens to one’s lungs during asthma, I find myself going to the internet to get the answer. Understanding how to use the internet as a tool is key. The internet is full of dynamic valuable, and sometimes invaluable information, and if we could learn how to utilize it in a timely manner, one would not have to spend all his time memorizing variables and values of asthma from a book…. I could find the diagnosis on the net. I am NOT SAYING not too understand the information, because that would make it hard to find the answers on the net… one would not even know what to look for on the net, if he/she didn’t understand the material. Knowing the material is essential, but memorizing the material…is just stupid (one will forget). In 20 years libraries full of books will exist, but nobody will be inside. The person who can master the internet and apply it to his/her career (health, real estate, marketing, movies, etc.) will have an advantage over his/her peers in the field who don’t. This is because we live in a dynamic life and the only thing that is as dynamic is the net. And to be able to make money off the net would be icing on the cake. Late.